Company culture

Gilbert Dupont, whose origins can be traced back to a stockbroker in Lille of the same name, was historically the brokerage arm of the Crédit du Nord Group. Today the firm is a 100% subsidiary of the Société Générale Group. Incorporated within the bank's commercial network, Gilbert Dupont serves corporate clients, institutional investors and account-keeping institutions throughout France.

Established in Paris in 1991 as a Société en Nom Collectif (general partnership), Gilbert Dupont benefits from the financial guarantee of its parent company.

Gilbert Dupont operates on a human-scale and employs the same model as a SME, enabling it to offer a large degree of reactivity and adaptability when assisting its clients. The firm’s teams are motivated by a corporate spirit that is synonymous with commitment and responsibility. They share a common passion for Small & Midcaps. Gilbert Dupont’s organisation and processes are, across all of its activities, adapted to the unique challenges of Small & Midcaps.