What is a cookie ?

A cookie is a file downloaded and saved in a dedicated area of ​​the terminal * when visiting certain websites.

A cookie file allows its issuer to identify the terminal * in which it is registered, during the period of validity or registration of said cookie. A cookie can provide an additional service: improving the comfort of navigation, securing the connection or adapting the content of a page to the visitor's interests.

The information recorded by cookies, during a limited lifetime, include the pages visited, the advertisements on which the visitor clicked, the type of browser used, the IP address of the visitor, the information entered on a site to avoid grabbing them again.

* the terminal refers to the hardware equipment (computer, tablet, smartphone, etc.) used to consult or view a site, an application, advertising content, etc.


For what purpose do we use cookies?

Our site uses different types of cookies for different purposes. Some are essential to the use of our site and therefore to navigation.

This site does not use advertising cookies or sharing cookies (social links) or cookies for measuring audience.


Cookies necessary for the operation of the site

These are the cookies which allow you to use the main features of our site (eg access to your account).

Browsing cookies or technical cookies (such as session IDs) are essential to enable you to make the best use of the main features of the site and to secure your connection. For example, you can go directly to reserved and personal places on our site and be identified on all the different pages of our site.

Features cookies are not essential for navigation on our site but allow to optimize its operation and give you access to specific features. They also allow you to adapt the layout of our site to the display preferences of your device. These cookies allow you to have a smooth and customized navigation.

Without these cookies, you will not be able to use our site normally. Also, we do not recommend deleting them via your browser settings.

These are the following cookies :

Browsing cookies or technical cookies





Cookie containing information session

Up to closure of the browser


Features cookies





Detection of Javascript support

Up to closure of the browser


Memorization of parameters application software

13 Months


Allows you to keep a history of connections of site users

12 Months


More information about cookies

For a better knowledge and a control of the cookies of any origin, we invite you to consult the site of the CNIL (National Commission For Information Technology And Civil Liberties) at this address: