Aid for investment decision-making


In terms of aid for investment decision-making and intermediation services, our offering, aimed at institutional investors, is founded on three pillars 


Value-added research and sales

Research is at the centre of Gilbert Dupont’s expertise. The research department identifies the best investment opportunities from a large panel of stocks (around 160) gathered from the universe of French stocks outside the CAC 40. To fully appreciate the key elements behind the success of the companies that they follow, our financial analysts go out into the field. Their expertise regarding the relevant sectors and their investigative efforts enable them to take a global view of the financial communication produced by companies.         

Gilbert Dupont’s sales team comprises experienced people of different nationalities with complementary skills who serve a French and international client base. Their recommendations, inspired by the work of the research department, their experience in Small & Midcaps, and their good knowledge of listed French stocks, enables them to provide investors with qualified, independent, and value-added advice.      


Liquidity and careful execution

Gilbert Dupont has:
- a team of sales traders that are active in the market for blocs, in France and internationally;   
- a team of market dealers made up of specialised professionals who are used to carefully working illiquid stocks;
Gilbert Dupont is a member of the Euronext markets (Paris, Brussels, Amsterdam), Chi-X, and Turquoise.


Corporate access

Gilbert Dupont offers its investor clients numerous opportunities to meet with business leaders and stakeholders via:
 - “one-to-one” meetings;
- breakfast or luncheon presentations in France and abroad;   
- site visits;
- industry or thematic seminars.


In terms of aid for investment decision-makingand intermediation services, our offering, aimed at institutional investors and companies, notably encompasses portfolio analysis services and aid for investment decision-making that could lead to investment and/or arbitrage suggestions. Gilbert Dupont is in a position to participate in:
- all the French and international markets;
- all currencies;
- all types of issuers and ratings (sovereign, agencies, corporate);
- all types of bonds (fixed rate, variable rate, CoCos, convertibles etc.)